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Bay Area Architecture Firm Specializing in Custom Homes & Renovations


Marc has been in the architecture and design profession for over 20 years. He has worked on many award winning and nationally recognized projects that were often known for their exceptional design and sustainable strategies. His prior experience as a graphic designer and problem-solving skills have been useful in the development of projects. Since graduate school, critical regionalism and sustainable design have impacted his views on the construction industry and living/working in California. He values the environment and believes sustainable design is a fundamental component of good design. If we are going to build, we should build with care and intention. 

Marc has worked on a diverse range of project types which include schools, civic & community centers, office buildings, churches, fire stations, parks and camps, live-work spaces, multi-family housing & single-family residences. Currently, the majority of his work is single-family residences, and he appreciates the one-on-one interaction with clients. Marc received his BA from Calvin College and MArch from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. When not working he enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports and brewing beer.


Marc is amazing. We chose him (over 2 other architects) for our pool house and home renovation in Lafayette, CA. The project was challenging - a phased project that allowed us to moved into the pool house, while the main house was under construction. Further, we needed to synthesize generations of different styles, maximize function while adding some luxury, and do it all as a green net-zero energy project. Marc listened to our needs, and delivered on a design that delivered this on budget. He worked with ideas from both my wife and I. He gave push back at select times when he felt a design element was important, and we agree with every one of those decisions. He was diligent with per...